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Off to a slow start: PA legislative performance 2023

Volunteers and team leaders from Fair Districts PA gathered in Harrisburg on October 3 to introduce a new report on the progress of the Pennsylvania state legislature in the current legislative session.

Lessons Learned and Next Steps for Reform

The May 31 Zoom forum, Pennsylvania Redistricting: Lessons Learned and Next Steps for Reform, was attended by around 250 Pennsylvanians eager for change.

Wanted: Fix Harrisburg Summer Interns

Are you interested in Pennsylvania politics? Do you care about improving our state democracy? Consider an internship with Fix Harrisburg.

Memorandum on House Rules Reform

The Fair Districts PA rules research team has spent much time in the past few weeks reviewing House Resolution 1, discussing the process leading up to the vote on March 1, and looking back at final statistics from the 2021-2022 session.