PA Voters Want Fair Districts

When legislative leaders manipulate district boundaries to keep themselves in office or to silence their opposition, we ALL lose.

A map of gerrymandered districts in PA.

Bring a Fair Districts PA speaker to your next event.

If you’re planning a community meeting or lead a group that’s interested in redistricting policy, or in learning more about our FIXHarrisburg campaign, request a speaker from Fair Districts PA. We can provide a half-hour or one-hour educational presentation, facilitate a small-group discussion, or take part in a panel.

What We’re Fighting For

Change is needed. Whichever party has control of the legislature has control of redistricting. FDPA is advocating for an independent and transparent redistricting process that includes public input.


Citizens participate in the process and closed-door dealmaking ends


Clear standards against dividing counties and municipalities more than necessary.


Districts that truly reflect the will of the voters

What We’ve Learned

PA’s partisan redistricting process has hit roadblocks due to legislative rules that shut out real representation. Just a few legislative leaders, mostly from very safe, one-party districts, control the agenda and block bipartisan solutions that would benefit the people of Pennsylvania. Join our campaign to Fix Harrisburg so bipartisan solutions—like redistricting reform—get a vote.

Our Goal: Not Red, Not Blue, Just Fair.

Fixing legislative rules, creating fair districts and mapping out a fair redistricting process will help re-establish an accountable government that represents the people of Pennsylvania — not partisan politicians or outside interests.

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