The 2011 PA congressional map created some of the most unfair districts in the country.

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A landmark Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision found that our 2011 congressional district map violated the state constitution by denying voters their right to “free and equal” elections. The courts have now issued a new map with redrawn boundaries. Yet politicians are still fighting to keep our state gerrymandered—and we’re all paying the price.

  • Incumbents draw lines that protect their seats
  • Politicians feel safe—so they ignore issues you care about
  • Gridlock worsens in Harrisburg and Washington
  • People feel powerless and voter turnout goes down

We need to change this. For good.

We applaud the court’s decision—but redrawing the 2011 congressional map is only a short-term fix. Redistricting will happen again after the 2020 Census, and if it follows the same process as last time, the 2021 map is likely to be gerrymandered, too—regardless of which party is in power. 

We can change that. Fair Districts PA is a nonpartisan, citizen-led group working to change the state constitution so we can stop gerrymandering in Pennsylvania for good.


An independent citizens’ commission leads redistricting efforts


Citizens participate in the process and “closed-door” deal-making ends


Clear standards for equality, fairness, and integrity guide the process

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Two bipartisan bills have been introduced to make this happen: PA Senate Bill 22 and PA House Bill 722. The bills are supported by a growing list of legislators from across the state—in fact, HB 722 is the most-sponsored bill this entire session. But both bills have been stuck in committee for months. Help us get those bills enacted by signing our petition to the PA Legislature

We need you, now.

When citizens vote, fair districting wins—California and Arizona have already done it. But first, we need the PA legislature to step up. Thousands of your neighbors are already making calls and holding rallies. Join them. Take action now

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