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See what we’ve already accomplished—and what needs to happen next.

Building on productive relationships cultivated in past sessions, Fair Districts PA leaders worked closely with legislators to fashion an innovative reform strategy for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 legislative sessions.

Two Bills–One Commission


Out of 203 representatives, HB 22 / 23 have ${hb22} and ${hb23} co-sponsors, respectively. (HB 22: ${hb22dem} Democrats and ${hb22rep} Republicans. HB 23: ${hb23dem} Democrats and ${hb23rep} Republicans.)

Out of 50 senators, SB 1022 / 1023 have ${sb1022} and ${sb1023} co-sponsors, respectively. (SB 1022: ${sb1022dem} Democrats, ${sb1022rep} Republicans, and ${sb1022ind} Independent. SB 1023: ${sb1023dem} Democrats, ${sb1023rep} Republicans, and ${sb1023ind} Independent.)

Read: Summary of the House Bills

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In the 2017-2018 Legislative Session

In the final days of 2016, FDPA leaders and allies worked with legislators and policy staff to redraft reform bills ignored by the PA Legislature in the 2015-16 session. In the 2017-18 session, Fair Districts PA supporters made redistricting reform an issue to be reckoned with. The House bill we supported (HB 722) gained more co-sponsors than any other introduced in its session. The Senate bill (SB 22) was amended and passed in the Senate only to die under the weight of over 600 proposed amendments in the House. In the end, legislative maneuvers in both houses made clear the need for attention to procedural rules and the need for even stronger outreach to legislators and the public.

Attention Is Growing

Fair Districts PA supporters have made presentations in communities across the state, testified before the Legislature, appeared on dozens of radio and TV public affairs programs, and talked with numerous editorial boards.

Support for reform is growing!

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We’ve made great progress in informing the public on the issue and in making our concerns clear to our Pennsylvania legislators. But there’s still work to be done, and we’ll need your help to ensure that in future elections we are the ones choosing our politicians, not the other way around.

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