Support for Reform

Fair Districts PA began its efforts to educate the public and the press about the need for a fair and independent system of redistricting for Pennsylvania’s congressional and state legislative districts in January 2016.

We’ve held nearly 850 presentations to citizen groups statewide, attended by almost 31,000 people, appeared on dozens of radio and TV public affairs programs and podcasts, and talked with numerous editorial boards. The results:

  • Statewide ${passedTotal} governing bodies, including ${passedCounties} county commissions, have declared their support for fair redistricting practices. These elected bodies, with both Republican and Democratic majorities, represent over 8.8 million Pennsylvanians—68% of the estimated population of the state.

Statewide polls found that 2/3rds of Pennsylvanians** support an independent commission, free of political influence and operating in total transparency.

*June 2018, Pittsburgh Quality of Life survey by Pittsburgh Today and the University of Pittsburgh University Center for Social and Urban Research.

**Apr. 18, 2018, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center with Common Cause PA and League of Women Voters PA, 68% support an independent commission. June 18, 2018, Franklin & Marshall Poll, 64% support redistricting reform and 69% want an independent commission to draw state legislative district lines.

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