Advocacy Action: Ask Your PA Representative to Co-sponsor HB 1776

It’s time to help build support for a Pennsylvania Independent Redistricting Commission.

Now that Representatives Steve Samuelson and Mark Gillen have formally introduced House Bill 1776, let’s make sure ALL our PA state representatives hear from constituents asking them to support it. HB 1776 would amend the PA Constitution to create an Independent Redistricting Commission. This commission would, under strict rules for transparency and prioritized criteria, draw our congressional and state legislative maps. Time is short for action on the bill in this session. Contact your PA representative and ask them to join the list of co-sponsors. If they’re already co-sponsors? Call and say THANKS! Then call a House leader.

Remember: Nothing changes unless this changes!

Ready to get started? Follow these steps:

1. Find your State House Rep.

Use the drop-down list to find your state house rep and get their contact info. You can see if they are co-sponsoring this year’s legislation. You can also view their prior positions on redistricting reform, if any.

Click here to view a list of all Sponsors.

If you do not know their name or district number you can use the PA General Assembly locator tool to find your PA House Rep.

2. Use these sample talking points to prepare and personalize your script.

Script: Hello. My name is [give your full name]. I live in [name of city/town/boro]. Reps Gillen and Samuelson have introduced HB 1776! This bill will create an Independent Redistricting Commission to draw our congressional and state legislative lines. We don’t know who will be in the majority in 2031, but we do know that Democratic leaders will draw maps to favor Democrats and that Republican leaders will draw maps to favor Republicans. Maps that are drawn by citizens under strict transparency and criteria rules will favor citizens. Please add your name to HB 1776! Thank you!

More Talking Points:

If your rep has co-sponsored, call or send an email thanking them for their support. And then…

Call the House State Government Majority Committee Chair, Rep. Carol Hill-Evans. She controls the committee agenda and can move this bill forward for a vote.

Just five more minutes will make a big difference:

Consider calling House Majority Leader Matt Bradford and Speaker Joanna McClinton. Together they control the House agenda and have a final say on what bills are given a vote.

3. Tell us how it went

Help us mobilize effectively by letting us know who you called and what they said. Use this form to share details of your call.

4. Want to take one more step?

Send a personal note or postcard, or hold a postcard party to amplify the message. Create your own postcard, or order some from the FDPA materials order form. Use the same messaging as suggested above. Or just say something as simple as “Please co-sponsor House Bill 1776!”. Be sure to include your return address so it’s clear you’re a constituent.

Thank You!