Ask your candidates where they stand

We’ve asked ALL candidates for PA General Assembly where they stand on redistricting reform and better legislative rules. Join us in insisting they respond

Find out where your candidates stand.

Why are we focused on educating candidates about legislative rules?

The rules, voted on the first day of the session (January 3, 2023), give complete agenda control to legislative leaders and committee chairs. In effect, they take away the ability of most legislators to represent us in enacting legislation the majority of Pennsylvanians want.

Fewer than 7% of bills introduced are enacted. Less than 1 in 5 bills receives consideration in committee. The promises candidates make will be hard for them to keep if current rules remain in place.

Rules are used to stop reforms citizens want. Nearly 70 percent of Pennsylvanians agree with reforming the redistricting process. Fair Districts PA independent commission bills had among the most cosponsors of any bills in their sessions. Yet redistricting reform has repeatedly been blocked.

Redistricting reform is not alone. Bipartisan bills addressing scores of important issues never receive a final vote, despite strong public support. Examples range from broadband access and legislator gift bans to property tax reform and telehealth standards. It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal or from rural or urban areas. Unfair House Rules allow party leaders to ignore bipartisan solutions to problems that PA citizens face.


We asked candidates for PA Senate and PA House to answer a three question survey to find out where they stand on redistricting reform and procedural rules that ensure bipartisan solutions get a vote. Check their response, then write a personal email to share a little about your concern that important bills are not passed and mention the importance of rules reform. See talking points and more below. (If they DID respond, say thank you!)

For phone calls or in-person meetings practice what you want to say. We’ve provided talking points and a sample script. All can be used to draft an email, make a phone call, or write a letter to the editor.


Support procedural rules that guarantee bipartisan solutions get a vote. Put PA back on the path to government of, by and for the people.

It’s time to Fix Harrisburg.

Candidates campaign session after session on the same vexing problems: Burdensome property taxes. Underfunded schools. Out-dated regulations. Inadequate infrastructure. The list is long and growing longer every year.

If the status quo prevails, candidates will have little chance to solve the problems they talk about. Procedural rules govern how committees are formed, the scheduling of bills and selection of leadership, among other things.

The procedural rules allow just a few partisan gatekeepers to block bills sought by a majority of Pennsylvanians.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Many states have procedural rules that encourage collaboration and allow all legislators some say in what gets a vote. PA has none of those rules in place. The result is government of, by and for a few leaders, rather than government of, by and for the people of PA.

What happens in Harrisburg impacts us all, every day, in more ways than we realize. Until there are better procedural rules, our most pressing problems won’t be solved.

Please complete the Fair Districts PA three question survey so voters know where you stand on rules and redistricting reform.


If you’d like to set up an in-person meeting with a candidate, complete this form; the FDPA Advocacy Advisor team will be in touch to provide support or answer questions you may have. Although the form speaks only of legislators, you may during this election season request help with candidates who are not currently in office as well.