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Find out where your candidates stand on creating an independent citizens commission.

Fair Districts PA is currently tracking where all legislative candidates in the 2018 Elections stand on creating an independent citizens commission for redistricting.

Current PA law puts state legislators in charge of redistricting—the process of redrawing voting districts, which happens every 10 years to reflect population changes. (It happens next after the 2020 census.) Letting legislators draw their own districts is a conflict of interest from the start. Learn more about the problem and how we’ll fix it.

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We asked candidates, “What is your position on an independent citizens redistricting commission?” To see if and how your candidates responded, select your district from the drop-downs or maps below.

For your convenience, we have also included candidates’ answers to the Vote411 question“Do you support reforming our congressional and legislative redistricting process to implement an independent citizens redistricting commission? Why or why not?”

Disclaimer: The links and comments next to candidates’ names have been provided directly by the candidates and are not endorsed by FDPA.

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To see a brief summary of the candidates, select a district from the maps below. You can zoom and scroll the maps to find places you're interested in. (If you don't see the maps here, please visit our interactive map page.)

Are you a candidate?

Please contact us and ask for a link to our survey, so you can tell us where you stand on creating an independent commission to redraw political maps.