PA Voters Want Fair Districts

When legislative leaders manipulate district boundaries to keep themselves in office or to silence their opposition, we ALL lose. This abuse of our political system has made Pennsylvania one of the most gerrymandered states in the country.

A map of gerrymandered districts in PA.

Redistricting 2021 Updates

The 2021 redistricting process is underway. Public hearings are being held by the Senate and House State Government Committees and Legislative Reapportionment Commission. The Governor’s Advisory Commission is accepting public comment.

Join Us In The Fight For Change.

Fair Districts PA is a grassroots, non-partisan, volunteer-run organization dedicated to fixing our broken system so that our votes count and our voices are heard.

But we can’t do this without you. Help us put redistricting power back in the hands of the people of Pennsylvania, where it belongs.

Group of photos showing FDPA members and advocates involved in various public activities.

What We’re Fighting For

Change is needed. Right now, whichever party has control of the legislature has control of redistricting. FDPA is advocating for a fair and transparent process that includes public input.


Citizens participate in the process and closed-door dealmaking ends


Clear standards against dividing counties and municipalities more than necessary.


Districts that truly reflect the will of the voters

Our Goal: Not Red, Not Blue, Just Fair.

Creating fair districts and mapping out a fair redistricting process will help reestablish an accountable government that represents the people of Pennsylvania — not partisan politicians or outside interests.

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