The People’s Maps Submitted to the LRC

Fair Districts PA supporters and allies believe that electoral districts belong to all of us, and that all of us should have a say in how districts are drawn.

On November 10, the final People’s Maps were shared with the Legislative Reapportionment Commission. These maps are the product of countless rounds of review and revision, incorporating public testimony, input from feedback forms, and dozens of large and small community mapping conversations. The goal is to demonstrate that regular people can balance priorities, gather input and create maps that make sense and provide fair outcomes for ALL the people of Pennsylvania.

Some highlights:

No map is perfect. Given Pennsylvania’s geography and strangely shaped cities and counties, many districts don’t have smooth edges or fall into neat rectangular shapes. Many school districts, even some municipalities, cross county lines. Districts in populous areas will be geographically small, while those in more rural areas may cover multiple counties.

Every line is a decision and every district involves tradeoffs. Our goal was to meet median metrics for essential legal requirements (compactness, contiguity, minimal splits, minority representation, and lack of partisan bias), while incorporating LACRA safeguards and community input.

Peoples Map Metrics

As seen in Dave’s Redistricting App (Latest adjusted data used for People’s Maps; 2010 Data used for Current House and Senate)

Compactness Minimized Splits
Minority Representation Number of Majority/Minority Districts Population Deviation
Higher is better: Range to 100 Total # Legal Precedent Allows 10
Current Senate Map 41 38 53 5 7.96
People’s Senate Map 62 77 61 5 4.98
Current House Map 45 40 65 23 7.88
People’s House Map 64 76 68 29 8.04

Take a look.
We’re proud of our mappers, proud of our maps, and invite the Legislative Reapportionment Commission to consider them as they prepare their own maps for use for the next decade.


Read about our Maps and Process

View the PA People's House Map

View the PA People's Senate Map


Tell the LRC!

Offer comment on the Legislative Reapportionment Commission comment page. Tell them where you live and what aspects of the People’s Maps (and mapping process!) you’d like to see duplicated in the commission’s final maps.