Speak Up for Fair Maps

Our attention now shifts to the drawing of maps and to preparation for public hearings to be held this summer and early fall by the Senate and House State Government Committees and Legislative Reapportionment Commission.

While we face incredible challenges, we also have an amazing opportunity to shape Pennsylvania’s future. We know there are partisan entities who claim that right for themselves, but we are determined to use every tool and resource available to restore the government of, by and for the people of PA.

Happening Now

Testimony Training:

A statewide workshop was held on July 7 to help PA voters prepare their story of distorted districts and lost representation. Materials and tools are available for organizations, groups or local communities to hold their own testimony training workshops. Read more about how testimony is advocacy power, here.

LACRA Values Map Contest:

Ten $1000 prizes will be given for the top PA House and Senate district plans (five in each category) that meet criteria proposed in LACRA (the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act). Winning maps will be used in Community Mapping Conversations. While LACRA has not been enacted and time has run out to pass it in the current legislative session, our goal is to show LACRA criteria in action and to ask for maps that meet those criteria.

Statewide Community Mapping Conversation, August 18 at 7PM

We’ll look at how LACRA values can be used in creating maps. We’ll have the opportunity to look at the winning maps from our recent mapping contest and we’ll invite community input through the comparison of maps and through suggesting alternatives.

Local Community Mapping Conversations: August and September

This statewide event will be followed by local or regional events focused on specific districts or regions. The conversations will provide feedback to develop final composite maps by citizens to be submitted to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC).

As events are scheduled they will be added to our Events calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what my current state districts look like?

Look up your legislators here to get the district number, then find your district map on our Detailed District Maps page.

How do I get Testimony Training or Community Mapping Conversation in my community?

Fill out our Request a Speaker form and we will put you in touch with a local volunteer or partner organization.

Who draws the state legislative maps (PA house and senate)?

The Legislative Reapportionment Commission. The four leaders in both chambers from the majority and minority party and a chair selected by the PA Supreme Court. This year the members are the following: Mark A. Nordenberg, Chair, Senate Majority Leader, Kim Ward, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, House Minority Leader Joanna E. McClinton.

Who draws the Congressional map (federal house districts)?

A bill defining the map is introduced in the State Government Committee of the House and Senate and follows the path of any other bill for passage. Ten years ago the map was introduced and passed within a week. With no public input and in some cases legislators didn’t know what they were voting on. Read our summary of the 2011 process.

When will public hearings be held?

Need a refresher?

Fair Map Resources: