Let’s Use Social Media to Help #FixHarrisburg

Social media is a powerful tool for online advocacy. Your engagement on all of our platforms can help!


Use Twitter to amplify the posts of @FairDistrictsPA, @FairDisPA (Fair Districts’ Rural Focus) and @FixHarrisburg Get started and learn more here.


Follow @FairDistrictsPA on Instagram, comment on our posts, and share in your stories to spread the word.


Help build visibility on local Facebook pages:


Join our #FixHarrisburg Challenge

On TikTok, a challenge is a friendly way to ask other content creators to join in what you’re doing. For this challenge, you don’t even need to BE on TikTok to participate!

You’re welcome to submit videos via email, and if you use TikTok, help push for more views by following, liking, and commenting on our videos. Even older videos can receive more viewers if promoted by user engagement!

To create your own video for our TikTok channel:

  1. Check @FIxHarrisburg for examples (account not needed to view). Our channel is new, started by one of our Fix Harrisburg summer interns. We’ll be adding more videos as we receive them from YOU!
  2. Create a short video to share on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. For TikTok, vertical formatting is best. We can adjust to use on other platforms. Use any app you’d like for creating the video: TikTok, your phone’s video app, iMovie, or Zoom.
  3. Tell us who you are (first name, county, anything else that seems relevant) and WHY we need to Fix Harrisburg.
  4. Use statistics, a story about bill, your own experience trying to be heard in Harrisburg.
  5. Be as personal (and creative!) as you like but please keep it non-partisan and avoid profanity!
  6. Please avoid any copyrighted materials (graphics or music).
  7. Think about locations, signs, graphics, Fix Harrisburg pins or shirts, props to help make your point. Or invite others to join you. Just let them know they’ll be appearing on social media!
  8. Maximum length: 2 minutes, 20 seconds, but shorter is better and more likely to get more views.

If you have a TikTok account, you can create and share from your own account with the hashtag #FixHarrisburg. Please also download and submit by email for use on the FixHarrisburg account and other platforms.

Submission: email the video file, your name and county to interns@fairdistrictspa.com

Submission grants permission to use on the Fix Harrisburg TikTok account and on other social media platforms.