Preliminary Maps: Review and Offer Comment

On December 15, the House State Government Committee passed an amended Congressional map from committee. The next day, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission passed preliminary House and Senate maps.

Citizens now have thirty days to offer comment on the legislative maps and an undisclosed number of days to comment on the Congressional map.

Legislative Maps

The full timeline of the LRC process is available here. Citizens have until mid-January to offer comment (exact date not yet determined).

Review Maps:

Compare Maps

LRC House Map in DRA

Compare: FDPA People's House

LRC Senate Map in DRA

Compare: FDPA People's Senate


Offer comment on proposed maps

Read and Watch:

LRC: Statement, Presentation & Plan

View Statewide Forum from Dec. 20

View Recording of the LRC Vote

Congressional Map

The process of introduction of the proposed map has been confusing, and it’s very unlikely that the current proposal will be the final map. The House State Government Committee has passed an additional two “shell” bills (redistricting bills with no description of districts). There may also be a map from the Senate State Government Committee. Sometime in January the two committees will need to reconcile their plans for a final map to pass through both chambers. Governor Wolf will then have ten days to sign or veto the proposed map. To learn more about the confusing process and priorities:

View Statewide Forum from Dec. 12

Proposed Map and Comment (PA GOP)

Proposed Map and Metrics (DRA)

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Comparison of Map Metrics

For all maps

Compare current and proposed maps by specific location on Redistricting and You. Choose Congressional, PA State or House at the top center of the window, choose a plan for comparison from the dropdown list at the top right of the window, choose your location, then use the slider in the top center to slide from current to proposed district).

Compare current and proposed maps by county using our Compare Maps tool. Choose your county to see Current vs The People’s map for House and Senate, click the Interactive Map link to choose layers you want to explore, including districts, municipalities and school districts.

On Dave’s Redistricting App (see links above): open the map and then zoom in to see what municipalities are split. You can also check the statistics, analyze metrics and compare similar maps. Look for the tabs in the top right of the app window.