Over 2600 add their names to the Fix Harrisburg petition

Over 150 volunteers from across the state donned Fair Districts PA or Fix Harrisburg hats, shirts and pins and hit the polls on May 16, PA’s primary election day.

Volunteers collected Fix Harrisburg petition signatures at over 40 polling places in literally every corner of the commonwealth (Erie, Greene, Philadelphia and Pike counties), as well as dozens of counties in between.

Working in shifts from the 7 am opening of polls until 8 pm closing, volunteers spent the day informing voters about the extreme dysfunction that has tainted Pennsylvania’s legislature for far too long. Voters were surprised that just one legislator could block bipartisan legislation from getting a vote. Some scoffed at the notion that Harrisburg could be fixed. Many were happy to take information to learn more about the procedural rules and ways they could be improved.

After a short conversation, most voters were eager to support our nonpartisan solution: that bipartisan bills should be guaranteed a vote in committee, on the floor and in both chambers. Rural, suburban, urban, Republican and Democratic: voters would like to see more accountable, effective representation in our state legislature.

Volunteers invited voters to take action by adding their names to the Fix Harrisburg petition, urging their state legislators and other elected officials to reform procedural rules in Harrisburg. Other states have done it, and it works.

The nonpartisan insistence that bipartisan solutions deserve a vote appeals to voters of all types and backgrounds. Pennsylvanians understand that unfair legislative procedural rules hurt ALL of us.

Sign and share the petition.

There are over 7,000 polls in our state, so chances are you didn’t see a Fair Districts PA volunteer at yours, but you can still be part of the effort to Fix Harrisburg. Join over 13,000 Pennsylvanians who have said it’s time to Fix Harrisburg so bipartisan solutions get a vote.

The Fix Harrisburg campaign is a joint project of Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania. Visit the Fix Harrisburg website to learn more.

Fix Harrisburg