Hearings and Public Testimony

To find out when the two state government committees and the one commission are meeting to discuss redistricting, a PA voter must follow four different websites. In our attempt to keep ourselves and PA voters informed, we will be using this landing page to collect what we know about all the various hearings.

This page is by no means comprehensive and it does not update automatically. Please reference the listed websites for the most up to date information. If you have a question that isn’t answered on the various sites, the best solution is to pick up the phone and call or email the chairs of each committee or commission.

The House and Senate State Government Committees will each hold their own independent hearings on our congressional districts, and the Legislative Reapportionment Commission will hold their own hearings on the PA state House and Senate districts.

When will they ask for public input?

When will they share draft and final maps?

Right now we don’t know. One thing we do know is that finding and following the information so that we can engage has been difficult.

What can you do?

  1. Subscribe to get direct updates from the two committees and the one commission.
  2. Call or email the Chairs with your questions — this does two things. First, you may get your questions answered and, second, your calls and emails will make it clear that PA voters are paying attention.

Websites to follow:

Phone numbers and email of the Chairs:

Legislative Reapportionment Commission Hearings:


Capitol Building, North Office Building, Hearing Room 1, Harrisburg


Capitol Building, North Office Building, Hearing Room 1, Harrisburg

Congressional Districts Hearings:

Click here to subscribe for updates from the State Government Committees.

House State Government Committee Hearings:

Senate State Government Committee Hearings:

To request to testify in person at future hearings or to submit written testimony you must contact Senator Argall’s office directly via his website (This direction isn’t posted anywhere that we could find. We called and asked. This is what we were told to do. When you call, suggest that the directions be posted!).


Temple University Student Fac. Ctr. 4th Fl.
3340 N. Broad St.Philadelphia [note location change!]

Live streaming State Government Committee meetings:

Call the chairs of each committee or check their individual committee landing pages. The State Government Committees’ details can be found here (Senate) and here (House).

FDPA official testimony

coming soon, links to submitted testimony submitted on behalf of FDPA by our leadership team.

Committees, Commissions and More

Reapportionment and redistricting happen every ten years and it can be confusing who does what and how it gets done. As the process starts again in 2021 we share some Q&A’s.

Testimony is Advocacy Power

Get ready to share your thoughts about past gerrymandered districts and about what you’d like to see as new maps are drawn.

How Redistricting Works