Fix Harrisburg Advocacy Action

The status quo is not working in Harrisburg. We are asking for better procedural rules that support collaborative policymaking. The vote on rules has taken place in the Senate, but is still not scheduled in the House. Contact your state representative AND legislative leaders.

FDPA is asking PA residents to contact their own legislators AND legislative leaders. Need more background information? Spend some time on the Fix Harrisburg website.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps for a phone call, email, card or note.

1. Contact your own PA state representative.

To find your legislators, go to the PA General Assembly locator tool to see who represents you. You will contact the people representing you in the PA House. Write an email or make a phone call.

Sample Script. Keep in mind…The more personal your outreach the better.

2. Contact leaders in the House.

Sample script:

Pennsylvania can’t afford another session where committee chairs ignore solutions recommended by bipartisan commissions and half the bills passed in one chamber never receive a vote in the other. PA voters want legislative rules that ensure bipartisan solutions are given a vote. Please negotiate rules to allow bills with demonstrated bipartisan support a vote in committee, on the floor and in the other chamber. When one committee chair can block bills a majority of PA voters want, it hurts all of us, including the party in charge. And please allow your colleagues at least 24 hours to read and review proposed rules resolutions.

House Leadership

3. Senate rules have already been voted on (as of January 3).

Consider calling Senate leaders to express your disappointment at the lack of change.