Citizen testimony collated by FDPA Volunteers

One commission, two committees and a Governor’s Advisory Council all arranged for public testimony and took public comment. Our volunteers watched every hearing, transcribed oral testimony, and read available submitted written testimony, collating it into a searchable source available to the public.

Citizens submitted testimony or comments to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC), House State Government Committee (HSGC), Senate State Government Committee (SSGC), and the Governors Redistricting Advisory Council (GRAC). This resulted in many locations to track citizen testimony. Our volunteer team created a Citizen’s Testimony Spreadsheet to organize and centralize summaries and links to the original source. That’s right—one place to look.

The spreadsheet is available to everyone and it is fully indexed for searching. The ”About” tab provides information about the scope of the testimony included and how it’s organized, and the “Summaries” tab contains brief information and links to full testimony.

Citizen's Testimony Spreadsheet

Citizens Testimony Summary

The SUMMARIES provided in this spreadsheet generally cover CITIZEN testimony, plus a few experts on the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and minority communities. The spreadsheet does NOT include a summary of EVERY citizen’s testimony — only those who provided specific, location-based content of potential interest to those drawing or evaluating district maps.

The summaries cover citizen testimony in scope from:

What’s not covered in the spreadsheet:

In-scope written comments submitted to the Governor’s PA Redistricting Public Comment Portal, but not also presented at a Listening Session. Duplicative comments when the spreadsheet already substantially documents the issue being reported.

Other notes about the spreadsheet:

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