Call Your Representative: Vote NO on Judicial Gerrymandering

HB 38 threatens to undermine the independence of the Judicial Branch of our Commonwealth. This bill will effectively give legislative leaders the opportunity to gerrymander our courts.

Update 2/18/21: We did good work and put House Bill 38 on hold for now: it will NOT be on the ballot in May. We will continue to pay attention to what transpires in the legislative process.

HB 38—known as HB 196 last year—is a constitutional amendment. This means the bill must be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions and then go before voters at the ballot. It cannot be vetoed by the Governor. If this bill should pass by early to mid February it could be on the ballot as soon as May this year. We must stop this terrible bill or face an extensive and costly campaign to fight it at the ballot box.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps for a phone call.

1. Find your state representative

Voted Yes on HB 196 = likely supports HB 38
Voted No on HB 196 = likely opposes HB 38

If you do not know their name or district number, you can use the map above to zoom into your location, or use the PA General Assembly locator tool to find your PA House Representative.

2. Use this sample script to prepare your talking points:

Hello. My name is [give your full name]. I live in [name of city/town/boro]. I’m calling to ask Rep.[last name] to oppose HB 38 and the concept of judicial districts for our high courts. What is Rep.[last name] position on HB 38?

If they support it or are neutral:

Creating judicial districts drawn by legislators is the wrong way to reform the judicial system. So far it has been pushed through without public hearings, testimony or any hint of due diligence. It weakens the checks and balances in our three branches of state government and opens the door to a new form of gerrymandering. No other state allows legislators as much power in drawing judicial districts. I urge you to vote no to HB 38.

If they oppose it:

Consider calling House leadership instead, using the script above. If you still want to call your own legislator, who opposes judicial districts, you can thank them:

Thank you for opposing HB38. Please reach out to your colleagues on both sides encouraging them to join you in opposition. This is a terrible bill for PA voters.

Call House leadership

Use the “support or neutral” script and give them a call to increase our impact.

3. Tell us how it went

Help us mobilize effectively by letting us know who you called and what they said. Use this form to share details of your call.

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