Be a social media advocate!

We all have limits on our time and competing priorities for our attention. Social media offers a way to expand the reach of Fair Districts PA from home with just a few minutes a day.

Social media advocates are people who share content they care about in networks they already have. We’ve seen how that can work in negative ways when friends share misinformation, outrage, and unsettling narratives. But we can also use social media for good to spread accurate information, invite positive discussion and share priorities we care about.

Since our start in 2016, Fair Districts PA has used social media to invite people to meetings, to encourage interaction with legislators, and to build a stronger grassroots presence in every corner of Pennsylvania. We’ve also used social media to share essential information about how PA elections and state government work and ways everyday citizens can participate.

With your help we can extend our reach as we prepare for the next push for redistricting reform.

Whatever your preferred platform, you can leverage your own voice and story and your own personal networks.

Ten minutes a day?

Active engagement can increase the visibility of a page and a post. Even a short “Thanks for this info” can keep a post or page more active.

Have more time?

Whatever you do, please be factual and respectful. Let’s create the kind of civic engagement we’d like to see in Pennsylvania’s future.

Local Facebook pages:

If your county isn’t on the list? We could use your help to start a page or local group. Email and let us know you’re interested.