What happens this year affects the next ten years.

We want districts that reflect the will of voters. We can get there with a more transparent process, public engagement, and clear, measurable map-drawing standards.

The legislature has adjourned until September. As a result, no legislation will be passed in time to safeguard this year’s map drawing. Our legislative leaders and the legislative process have failed the citizen’s of PA. Our role now is to stress that PA voters want a process that is transparent with more public engagement. Join us to Speak Up for Fair Maps during the 2021 redistricting process.

Speak Up for Fair Maps

The 2021 redistricting process has started. Public hearings will be held this summer and early fall by the Senate and House State Government Committees and Legislative Reapportionment Commission. Get ready to share your story of distorted districts and lost representation. Learn to testify, join a community conversation, and dig into what defines your district.

While The Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA) has not been enacted and time has run out to pass it in the current legislative session, our goal is to show LACRA values in action and to ask for maps that meet those criteria.

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What are LACRA values?

Greater Transparency and More Public Engagement

Clear and Measurable Redistricting Criteria

LACRA Summary

LACRA Infographic

Further Information on LACRA

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project has produced one page explanations of key LACRA concepts as part of their Pennsylvania State-Level Reforms page

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