Chairman to Chairman Cycling Challenge

Saturday, October 28th, 2017 | 8:00am
Everett, PA

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Cheer on anti-gerrymandering cyclists as they ride hundreds of miles across Pennsylvania to support SB 22 and HB 722. 

Two teams of cyclists will start from Everett, PA, the midway point on the 280-mile trek between the offices of Representative Daryl Metcalfe and Senator Mike Folmer—the two chairpeople holding up HB 722 and SB 22 in committee. Each team will ride approximately 140 miles over two days.

About the route

Starting in Everett (near Breezewood), Team West will ride West and North to Greensburg on Saturday, October 28th. On Sunday, October 29, they will continue on to Cranberry, ending at Rep. Metcalfe’s district office. 

Starting at the same location, Team East will head East, to Gettysburg on Saturday, October 28th. On Sunday, October 29, they will continue to Lebanon, ending at Sen. Folmer’s district office. 

The routes were created by Paul Mathison, co-founder of Fair Districts PA, who ran over 1,000 miles in Pennsylvania during 2011 to promote fair redistricting. 

Plans are to coordinate with members of Fair Districts PA who live in the vicinity of the route for supplies and support vehicles.

Join the ride

Interested in participating as a rider or support staff? Call Jim Highland at 724-372-9598, or email


Jim Highland